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Where Your Shoes Will Lead You: Cafes in Milan

Where Your Shoes Will Lead You: Cafes in Milan


For the love of fashion and excellent espresso, head to Pasticceria Marchesi. The cafe’s been serving amazing pastries and coffee for 191 years but recently underwent a facelift. Locals and tourists alike have more reason to drop by the iconic Milanese hotspot now that Prada acquired the cafe.  The historic appeal is bolstered with the luxurious Prada touch, as seen from the green walls to the well-dressed staff. For a taste of the past, don’t forget to order a cup of espresso and Pannettone, which is a must when going to Milan!


Caffe Cova

A few steps away from Marchesi is another well-known (and Louis Vuitton-owned) Caffè Cova. The 200-year-old establishment is another favorite thanks to its wide selection of dainty pastries and filling sandwiches. The espresso with whipped cream is an absolute must-try — it’s a deceptively simple drink that’s hard to recreate at home.



For a sweet pastry and cappuccino breakfast, head to Trussardi. Often frequented by the young banking and fashion set and for good reason: the food selection is surprisingly robust and enticing. From espressos to after-work cocktails, they have it. Nibbling on a brioche while looking at its good looking neighbor — the Teatro alla Scala — is not a bad way to start the day.


For artisanal breads and pastries, head to Princi, a beloved Italian institution. For a delicious Italian cheesecake and cappuccino, stop by this cafe and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place to stop by if you’re on holiday with friends or family who all want different food options. From pizza to finger sandwiches, they have it all. It's also a good starting point for wandering around town: it's conveniently located near Duomo, a magnificent structure and definitely a must-see in Milan. With 4 stores in Milan, you don't have a reason to miss sipping espresso in this Milanese favorite.



For a memorable end to your Milano trip, step inside the Bastianello, which is another must-visit. Known for its delectable aperitivos and sumptuous desserts, you’ll be hard pressed to decide which to order first. Don’t forget to add a frothy coffee to accompany your meal of choice.

Photo courtesy of Pasticceria Marchesi, Caffe Cova, Trussardi, Princi, and Bastianello.