Size Chart
Italy 35 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 41.5 42
UK 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9
US 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12
France 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 41.5 42 42.5 43
Australia 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10


Fall Shoes and Fashion Trends 2017

Fall Shoes and Fashion Trends 2017

Fall is in full swing and we’re loving the eclectic choice of trends to choose from. There’s no single, defining look for this year and we love how it reflects women’s style in general. Below are outfit ideas and of-the-moment looks to try for Fall. 

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Menswear-inspired plaid and stripes are almost always in fashion. What separates this year’s look from past years’ is the combination of the 80s and 90s. This year’s look is not completely 80s punk but it’s not exactly 90s prep either. It’s a combination of both, which is what makes it look fresh and modern. Pair a suit with sleek booties to add a feminine touch.


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If there’s one shoe style to rule them all, it’s this year’s glittering game changer. For a glamorous night out, opt for a combination of glittering styles like a high-shine dress and the Nivea pumps, as seen in the VERDAD runways. To elevate a daytime denim look, adding Nivea pumps will work wonders. 


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Shades of wine are in but this year’s hot red looks are exactly just that -- red hot. Wear a cherry red asymmetric dress or slip on a structural red shoe for a daytime look. Our Sonia style is sure to make a statement. 


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Feathered dresses and shoes made a statement in the Fall 2017 runways. To add unexpected sophistication to your daytime looks, opt for feathery slides or fringed heels to add a clever twist to your fall looks. 


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 70s Inspired

Peasant tops, bell sleeves, brown boots, and an overall palette comprising of browns and orange are in. What makes this year’s iteration of the 70s trend interesting is the unexpected ways to style this look. Add structure to a floral dress with a boxy blazer or opt for a dress in a psychedelic print and brown boots. 

Places to Frequent during Milan Fashion Week

Places to Frequent during Milan Fashion Week

There’s something special about visiting Milan in the Fall -- the rich colors enveloping the perfect mix of old and new architecture, the amazing restaurants that dot the city, and of course, Milan Fashion Week. For Milano Fashion Week 2017, make the most out of your stay by checking out these spots in between and after shows. 

If you need a break from the shows

Prada Foundation

An international destination for art enthusiasts, the Prada Foundation (Fondazione Prada) in Milan isn’t exactly a short walk away from this year’s shows. However, it’s quite interesting to witness the amazing art collection amassed throughout the years by Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada. The art complex itself is an avant-garde display of industrial buildings juxtaposed with dramatic new ones and it’s inspiring to see in person especially for architecture enthusiasts.

Villa Necchi Campiglio

Another great place to go to is the Villa Necchi Campiglio. It’s a calm oasis right in the center of town and a hop from most shows’ locations. Visitors to the villa today can go inside and tour the whole villa -- from the delectable mint green kitchen to the pastel yellow dining room. I am Love starring Tilda Swinton was shot on location here. If you have no time to go on a guided tour, go for an afternoon tea to recharge. The villa is open seven days a week so you can squeeze in a tour no matter when you arrive during fashion week.

Drink and dining destinations during fashion week

Bar Basso

For top-notch cocktails and incredible service, head to Bar Basso, which is a favorite haunt for locals. The place is busy but it’s not too crowded. Tip: the Negroni Sbagliato was first created here but do try the mangia e bevi, which is a cocktail made with gelato and three different liqueurs.

Ceresio 7

If you want to catch up with friends in between collections, one of the best places to unwind is at D-Square’s Ceresio 7. Order the tuna carpaccio, the veal, and the squid and bottarga pasta -- all of which are sublime. If you arrive later in the day, enjoy the dazzling view of the skyline with cocktail in hand which, for a moment, might look more like New York or Tokyo than Milan.

Torre Di Pisa

If you’re in the atmospheric Brera neighborhood, head to Trattoria Toscane Torre di Pisa which has a hard to miss green exterior. It pulls an artsy crowd as well as being a clear favorite for locals to dine in. The Florentine-style steak is fabulous and you can’t go wrong with their pasta selection. Torre di Pisa is definitely ideal for a relaxed, convivial meal.

Photo courtesy of respective brands (Prada FoundationVilla Necchi Campiglio, Bar Basso, Ceresio 7, and Torre di Pisa)
Where to Dine during Venice Film Festival

Where to Dine during Venice Film Festival

People flock to Venice for the art shows, exhibits, and the romantic sights. Every corner and alleyway leads to quiet canals and beautiful structures to marvel at. Now that you’ve slipped on your favorite flats (can be a link to flats in the site) and would like to wander about, here are our must-see films for this year’s Venice Film Festival and our favorite restaurants to dine in afterwards.


Venice Film Festival

Expect daring new releases by well-known auteurs like Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! and the Ro- darte sisters’ film, Woodshock. George Clooney’s back behind the camera and he’s showcasing a film in this year’s festival entitled Suburbicon. The movie will star Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, and Josh Brolin.

Venice Film Festival

For fans of superhero movies, a Norwegian film will debut this year called Thelma. It’s a superhero movie with a Norwegian twist — a dark horror that just so happens to be a superhero movie. Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water is another film that moviegoers will look forward to for this year’s Venice Film Festival.

Now that you’ve had your fill of films and have worked up an appetite, head straight to these well-beloved institutions to cap off your day.

 Al Covo

When in Venice, head straight to Castello and get lost in the quiet alleyways. Then dine in Al Covo and experience Venetian charm like no other. Nestled in a quiet part of town, this quaint ristorante is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Owned by an American, Diane, and a local, Cesare, the couple takes turns in the kitchen to help churn out delicious food no matter the season. Almost everything in the menu is perfect. When available, order the squid, which is always outstanding and the ravioli, which is always done to perfection. Cap off the meal with rich Texan desserts like the chocolate cake that Diane is famous for.


Ristorante Glam

For a first class dining experience, head to GLAM, a restaurant by renowned chef Enrico Bartolini. This is Venetian food done extremely well, with remarkable service to boot. Making use of local Venetian flavors and ingredients but with a global twist. There’s a reason why chef Enrico Bartolini is expecting another Michelin star after opening Glam: it’s that good. GLAM is nestled in the newly opened hotel, Palazzo Venart, located in the Santa Croce neighborhood.


Trattoria Alla Madonna

Hard to miss, Trattoria Alla Madonna is nestled in a touristy area near the Rialto Bridge. For this reason, more tourists than locals frequent the place. However, the food speaks for itself and a lot of food writers are singing praises for this spacious restaurant that serves simple but well done food. Enjoy classic seafood risotto, fresh peas in olive oil, and branzino. Don’t forget to order a glass (or two) of Veneto wine.


Ca D’Oro Alla Vedova

For an authentic Venetian lunch or dinner, save Ca D’Oro alla Vedova for last — or go here first so you can go back again to try their other dishes. The restaurant itself is located in a small alleyway in the Cannaregio district, which is typical of Venetian restaurants that serve really good food — small establishments that belie their exceptional wares inside. Expect simple, homemade meals that are as comforting as they are memorable. Their meatballs are legendary and the tiramisu is one for the books. After all, this restaurant has been in business since the 19th century. They have perfected and refined their food to the point that people go back here again and again despite the not so stellar service.

Main photo by KimManleyOrt. Venice film photo and posters courtesy of Venice Film Festival, Aronofsky Films, A24, and Suburbicon Movie. Al covo images by Ras, and Ristorante Al Covo. Ristorante Glam images by Palazzovenart. Trattoria Alla Madonna images by Ristorante alla Madonna. Ca D’Oro Alla Vedova images by Giud, and Chiediloalladani.