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In Her Shoes: Perla Formentini Interviews Angie Wilson

In Her Shoes: Perla Formentini Interviews Angie Wilson

Angie Wilson is a woman of many talents. She’s the woman behind The Fashion Fuse, which is as much a lifestyle as it is a fashion blog. Aside from that, she’s also a wife and a mother of two. At first glance, her blog is a combination of Pinterest-worthy images and inspiring words that will bring a smile to anyone who loves fashion. On closer look, you’ll find that the success of Angie’s blog is a combination passion and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of any successful venture.

We quizzed her on a few important things like her favorite haunts, Christmas plans, and how she balances mom duties and other facets of her life.

The Fashion Fuse - Angie Wilson

What would you be doing if you weren’t a fashion blogger?

Before I started blogging I worked as an actress/model and before that I was a dancer for 15 years, so something in the performing arts I assume.

What has been the most rewarding and most challenging in being a successful blogger?

As bloggers we work years to build our audience. We work hours and hours styling, creating, writing and paying for photographers and hair and makeup (sometimes) ... [The] perks are pretty great! Free everything! But there is a fine line with that benefit.

The Fashion Fuse - Angie Wilson

Where do you like to see your blog grow into in five years?

I have a really big vision and I am not afraid to admit! The goal is to continue to create great content that inspires people of all walks of life. I have been a starving student and a flourishing woman, so I understand fashion at every budget and try my best to accommodate that. In the end I'd like to create a fashion forward clothing and lifestyle brand that meets the needs of shoppers and all price points. My husband and I have A LOT of ideas right now. I see my boys running this business one day...after they win a super bowl according to them!

The Fashion Fuse - Angie Wilson

Angie Wilson wearing Perla Formentini shoes 'Enrica' from the S/S 2016 Collection

How do you juggle mom duties and work and other facets of your life?

Good question! Being a mother was always my ultimate goal in life and will always come first. Having said that, I am lucky because I started my business once my youngest was in full time school. If I had a baby I'd have to delegate a lot more. I take my kiddies to school, workout and then work most of the morning and afternoon. Once 3:00 hits it's all about the kids and me being a chauffeur. After I put them to bed at night my husband and I watch Netflix with our laptops and start plugging away again. My poor hubby puts in 18 hour work days. I can't keep up with him.

The Fashion Fuse - Angie Wilson

Can you tell us more about Utah and some of your favorite haunts?

Utah is home and one of the most beautiful places on earth. You have the mountains, desert, salt flats and Mars (well it looks like it) all in one state! To be honest, sometimes I do crave the different cultures and hustle and bustle of a bigger city like NYC or LA. On the flip side the lack of hustle and bustle is what makes Utah so safe and clean. Lucky for me I get out a lot so I have the best of both worlds. I am sure you've noticed already but Utah has a group of incredible bloggers/influencers. I feel lucky to know so many talented women in the same industry making their dreams come true.


Which is your favorite fashion destination and where do you like to go dine/ drink/ shop when you are there?

I mean nothing beats Paris when it comes to fashion, but I spend a lot more time in NYC. In NYC I always hit Bergdorfs because it's one of the most exquisite department stores. I also love shopping the streets of SoHo ( not on the weekend) to shop some of the classics and see the new emerging designers. Sometimes I'll go down to Bleecker Street because it's slower paced and I'll grab a banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery, a slice from Joe's or if I'm feeling tired I'll sit down at Rosemary's for some awesome farm to table Italian eats. Other restaurants I love are Nobu, Ippudo, Normas (breakfast), Cosme, Per Se, Balthazaar, Jacob's Pickles, Palm Court (high tea), Rosa Mexicano (for the guac), Jack's Wife Frida, The Mercer Kitchen, Locanda Verde and so many more I am forgetting!

Berdgorf Goodman

We see you may be an Oprah fan. Any good life advices to share with our readers?

I swear Oprah turned me into an adult...haha. I learned so many life lessons from watching her show everyday! Now I am a huge fan of Super Soul Sunday. That show introduced me to so many spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle. In work my biggest take away from Oprah was follow your passion because it won't feel like work and if you're gonna do a job do it well no matter what it is. Take pride in what you do whether it's sweeping a floor for a living or performing brain surgery.

The Fashion Fuse - Angie Wilson

What are your plans for Christmas?

Travel for work and holiday events and lots and lots of family time. I have five siblings and two children and my husband has three grown children, so we like to get them all together. We love to cook and host everyone, so we'll be spending lots of time in the kitchen.

The Fashion Fuse - Angie Wilson

Do you have any traditions you’d like to do with your children? Or anything they’d particular like about Christmas?

During the past couple of Decembers life has taken us to NYC for various reasons. It's just beautiful there during the holidays. I am hoping it becomes a new tradition! Last time we went we took the boys to the Plaza hotel (just like Kevin in Home Alone 2), all the ELF movie spots, to see the Rockets and Santaland at Macy's. It was solid gold! My kids kept teasing me saying that I am "SO obsessed with holiday magic" and it's absolutely true! NYC hits the nail on the head this time of the year.

Christmas in New York

To end, what songs would be on your dancing playlist?

I don't discriminate when it comes to music, but I am a little stuck in the 80s and 90s. I love some pop rock like Queen or Gn'R. True story, I suffered permanent hearing loss at the Gn'R Not in this Lifetime Tour Concert. Axl and Slash back on stage together is worth all the permanent ear ringing I deal with now!

Photos courtesy of  Angie Wilson of Bergdorf Goodman photo courtesy of Christopher Peterson via Wikicommons.