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In Her Shoes: Perla Formentini Interviews Thania Peck

In Her Shoes: Perla Formentini Interviews Thania Peck

We caught up with Thania Peck, the style blogger behind, who’s originally from South Africa. She now lives in New York and her style choices and refreshing point of view is evidence of her interesting background. After a successful modelling career, she now works with different charities while keeping up with her blog.

Thania Peck

At first glance, her Instagram is a study of chic nonchalance and impeccable style picks. But dig deeper and you’ll find that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Catcher in the Style

Here, we chatted with Thania to find out what it is exactly that separates her from the rest of the style crowd.  

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you decided to start a blog?

I'm a fashion lifestyle blogger with a passion for philanthropy. I started my blog initially as the place to share tips and tricks I loved in beauty and fashion. My goal was always to inspire people to be loving and positive.

Thania Peck

We see you are involved with a few charities. Could you tell us more about each of them and why you are drawn to their causes?

The charities I support are all youth-based. My friends are the CEOs of the companies so I know exactly where the money we raise goes. I feel like if you aren't sick with cancer or something and can help others you one hundred percent should get out there and find something you are passionate about and want to support.

Thania Peck

The Young and Brave Foundation – Raises money for cancer youth. Based in LA.

Slide Ranch – A summer program for underprivileged kids which teaches them how to farm and the importance of being eco-friendly.

Findyourgrind – An entrepreneurial digital textbook program in 2000 high schools in America. The curriculum is by a team who created the ACT and SAT test has just launched in classes this fall.

I'm also a Tom's shoes ambassador.

How do you find your work as a model and blogger help your causes?

The more my brand grows, the more opportunity I have to create positivity and change for the youth.

Thania Peck

What is the most fascinating part about your work? And what is the most challenging?

The fascinating part I smile about is I created my job in fashion. No one gave me a job. I get to work with my friends every day and I love it. I started working with the New York Stock Exchange to help raise money and awareness for the youth entrepreneurial program, and that just fascinates me as well. My crazy ideas are going places. The most challenging thing is I work 18 hour days a lot of the time from emails to meetings and that can be challenging. I love what I do though so most of the time I don't even notice I'm working.

Thania Peck

For you, what is a stylish woman?

To me, a stylish woman is one who dresses well and is confident in herself. She doesn't need to show her body off to get attention people listen to her because she has something important to say. She's not known for selling sex, she's known for her ideas and positive, selfless work in the world.

Thania Peck

Thania Peck wearing Perla Formentini shoes 'Carla' from the S/S 2017 Collection

If you weren’t a model/blogger, what do you think you would be doing instead?

I was interested in molecular biology in school before I dropped out of college. Maybe I would be doing something in the medical field seeking cures for cancer who knows.

You travel a lot and are a citizen of the world, but if you can only live in one place in the world, where would it be and why?

I love Brooklyn, New York. I have a lot of friends here and it just has a great vibe. Also love Paris.

New York and Paris

You seem to be a big music fan. Any tracks our readers must check out?

I love Francoise Hardy when I'm writing, Martin Garixx when I'm working out and Migos or French Montana to get me ready for the night. Honorable mentions Major Lazer- Light it up, Yeah Yeah Yeah- Heads will roll, Tegan and Sara - Walking with a Ghost, Kygo - Firestone, Kiiara - Gold. Thanks for interviewing me!

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